»A declaration under Article 15 of the Health and Safety at Work Act is submitted by 30 April

»Measurements of environmental factors are made every 3 years

»Measurements of the resistance of a protective earthing installation at 1 year

»Measurement of impedance of a phase-to-conductor circuit for 1 to 5 years. The period is determined by the energy of the company.

»The risk assessment is reviewed when:

- When there are changes that can influence the risk - introduction of new production processes, products and materials, change of work organization, new buildings and premises, reconstruction of existing and others.

- Changes in regulations.

- The data on which the assessment was made have become invalid or inappropriate.

- There are conditions for improving the assessment.

- The measures and measures implemented are ineffective.

- Increasing the incidence of occupational morbidity and occupational injuries.

- Prescription of inspection body.

- At the discretion of the employer.

- Not less than 5 years.

»The training of the labor protection officials and the members of the WCC / GUT is carried out annually.

»Training for the qualification group on electrical safety is 3 years for the senior electrical personnel and 2 years for the others.

»Medical preventive examinations depending on the type of examinations and the age of the workers are performed at different times, but on average it is 3 years.